Peter Gross Bau:
At home on all building sites!


16.000 t steel are processed in the civil engineering

300 employees do their best every day

254 sites are supervised
by our engineering

The highest level of construction


If you want to be ‘on top’ in modern construction, you need a level of expertise that covers all the construction sectors and always guarantees high quality work. This is what we believe and that is what the clients for the different projects are relying on – be it for residential buildings, clinics, public buildings or industrial structures during continuing operations. Planning, construction, technology: construction always needs specialist knowledge and experience, and also all-rounders who keep both the aesthetic ideas of the client and user and the building’s efficiency in mind. This is where our specialists are in their element. They face even the greatest challenges with passion and commitment!

  • Construction engineering
  • Prefabricated parts
  • Industrial construction
  • Turnkey construction
  • Government services
  • General contractor

Construction engineering


Well-trained specialists form the foundation of today’s construction engineering sector. We know that we can build on the skills of our engineers – after all, we have been training our specialists ourselves for decades and make sure they receive ongoing education. Designs for all areas of construction areas are produced in our construction offices – developed by capable specialists who know how to use the latest technology to achieve perfection and precision. Our personnel are also always up to date when it comes to optimising planning and project times and costs for our customers. In the long term, this ensures quality – our answer to constantly increasing technical challenges!

Prefabricated parts


What belongs together comes together: when modular construction is carried out with prefabricated parts from the Gross Construction Group, our many years of know-how comes together with savings potential and flexibility. Top quality and high levels of efficiency are no contradiction either. High expectations for fire safety and soundproofing or for thermal insulation are easily realised with our prefabricated parts – despite reduced construction times. This is how our prefabricated parts division is successful in the realisation of complex projects that require a lot of construction and building physics technology!

Industrial construction


Customers from industry and production are particularly demanding clients these days. They want the construction method to correspond optimally to the demands of their production processes – and that the result is as efficient and sustainable as possible. This means that the demands on lifecycle management are also growing. There is increasing emphasis on the management of a building throughout its lifespan as well as on environmental friendliness and the new official and state requirements or the company’s corporate design. We are popular partners in this sector because we are always aware of the latest developments and also have access to tried and tested and well-founded expertise. Our industrial construction professionals are also available at short notice and around the clock, if necessary. Construction measures during ongoing operations that hardly inhibit the client’s procedures are not a problem either. Our wide range of services and high capacity level ensure that we will always fulfil our customers’ requirements with pinpoint accuracy.

Turnkey construction


Convenience, price security and reliability: these advantages are the most appreciated by clients when it comes to turnkey construction. The construction company needs to have a high level of responsibility in order to ensure a high quality result for the overall construction process. We guarantee this and have been able to convince our customers of this time and time again. All the trades that are involved in the product are coordinated, monitored and accompanied by us at all times. We only work with partners who have proven their worth over many years and who are both trustworthy and competent. Particularly convenient for the customer: we are the only contact throughout the construction phase. “Everything from a single source”: much more than a slogan for us!

Government services


Our competence crosses borders. We build US bases and real estate in Germany on behalf of US government agencies and organisations. In this role, we have also proved ourselves to be an experienced service provider with specialists with specific training in integrating US requirements with European standards. Our range of products in this sector extends from construction and civil engineering, which we plan, develop and execute, to facility services and through to energy management.

General contractor


As a general contractor, we show everything we’ve got! The client counts on us as the sole contractual partner and entrusts us with the success of the overall performance. A task that is as honourable as it is challenging, and one that we tackle with great commitment and motivation. Professional know-how in the most diverse areas and in the most complex building projects, as well as perfect support in every phase of the project, come into play here. Craftsmanlike construction meets difficult technical tasks, skilful coordination leads to successful logistical processes up to the successful final acceptance and satisfactory handover. Experienced project managers optimise the procedures and network all players during all construction processes. Peter Gross Bau holds all the strings firmly in its hands.