Peter Gross Bau:
At home on all building sites!


7 mixing plants produce annually up to 650.000 t asphalt for the south-west of Germany

5 landfills serve the environmentally sound storage of 170.000 t building waste

8 ready-mix concrete plants secure the daily demand up to 190.000 m3

Quality from the start: construction, raw and recyclable materials


Complex and highly technically manufactured construction materials such as concrete, cement or asphalt guarantee the modern, stable and sustainable structures we build today. It is necessary to ensure the strictest requirements and guidelines and to use and master the latest, environmentally friendly processes, both in production and for recycling and waste disposal. Raw and recyclable materials are valuable goods and need to be handled with a high level of responsibility. The entire Gross Construction Group sets lasting standards in all these areas.

  • Construction materials
  • Raw and recyclable materials

Construction materials


The materials to produce sustainable quality are handled and prepared by us with particular care – whether we are dealing with concrete, asphalt or mastic asphalt. Our recipe for quality comprises well-trained specialists who continually receive further education and computer-controlled production systems. Eight transport concrete systems and seven asphalt mixing systems ensure high levels of availability at all times. Our comprehensive and professional delivery and advisory service is just as self-evident to us as the careful control by independent materials testers, which reliably supplements our own monitoring processes. No wonder that our construction materials are also in demand with customers outside the Gross Construction Group!

Raw and recyclable materials


We place particular emphasis on the responsible handling of raw and recyclable materials in a way that is oriented towards the sustainability of our earth’s resources. We recycle construction materials very carefully. We have our own landfills where we dispose of construction waste, excavated earth and other waste in an environmentally compatible manner. We use the natural raw materials that are produced in our company’s own production facilities advisedly. We observe all the existing environmental requirements with particular precision in accordance with our values. We would like to leave as many positive marks as possible for posterity.