Peter Gross Bau:
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Civil Engineering

127 construction vehicles are in service

201 employees do their best every day

303road works are handeled by our underground engineering

Outstanding civil engineering


Paths, roads and rails, channels, earth excavation and pipelines: we are equally reliable partners in civil engineering and in all other sectors of construction. Our excellently trained construction engineers, numerous proven partners and specialist operations stand for top level performance. In addition to this, our equipment is up to the latest standards and our motivation and willingness to perform are high, which enables us to present sustainable quality for all our results. Many public and private clients have had this experience with us as partners and that is why they come back to us again and again with their issues and projects.

  • Road and asphalt construction
  • Channel construction and earthworks
  • Pipeline construction
  • Rail construction

Road and asphalt construction


We realise your projects. Transportation paths and areas, car parks, airports but also landfill sealing and circulation areas – the Gross Construction Group ensures the lasting, secure and at the same time environmentally compatible and most reasonably priced realisation of all road and asphalt construction projects. This requires experts who guarantee reliably and sustainably durable asphalt and special coatings – experts like those employed at the Gross Construction Group. They not only master the entire structure from the ground improvement through to the superstructure but also optimise the base layers, binder layers and surface layers with the help of their many years of experience, thus ensuring a high level of efficiency.

Channel construction and earthworks


We lay the foundations for the elementary functions of municipalities, cities and regions deep in the earth and thus provide a stable infrastructure in the supply and return sector. Our highly qualified experts in channel construction and earthworks provide the highest level of precision, reliability and responsibility in the manufacture and maintenance of public and private wastewater pipelines and channels and in all types of earthworks, with which the foundations are laid for channels, roads and rails, for dam installations, landfills or airports. Besides self-regulation, we also strictly ensure that all the work is also continually monitored. Good to know – and a stable foundation, also for future challenges!

Pipeline construction


We ensure smooth transportation – be it for water or wastewater pipelines, gas or district heating. Our expertise in this sector has been in great demand for many years, not only in the south west but also in the whole of Germany and in neighbouring countries. Municipalities and utility companies through to the chemicals industry are some of the satisfied customers of our top specialists and competent partner companies. Complex full-service offers are produced at our facilities in Neunkirchen, St. Ingbert and Saarbrücken, based on our experience, knowledge and reliability.

Rail construction


Connection made! The first rail routes went into operation as early as the middle of the 19th century and this gave birth to a new trade called track construction, a division that demanded the highest precision, prudence and reliability. Nothing has changed in that in approximately 200 years. However, the requirements of modern rail networks and rail traffic have multiplied and the developments in modern track construction, rail superstructure and crane rail construction are developing continuously. Peter Gross Bau re-sets the course repeatedly: with well-founded know-how, experience – and the necessary sensitivity. Because renovation and maintenance work often needs to be carried out during ongoing rail operations at speeds of over 300 km/h – with the strictest safety measures. The specialists at the Gross Construction Group are ready with all the necessary expertise in this regard for even the most difficult challenges.